Industry Seminar

The ERES Industry Seminar take place twice a year in March and October respectively. Each seminar is organized by members of the ERES Network. The objective of the seminar is to foster closer links with industry stakeholders across Europe.  These one-day seminars are open to all ERES members and are designed to provide a forum to discuss current themes of national and/or international interest relevant to a real estate industry audience. Keynote speakers and panel members are invited from the real estate industry, academia and from research institutions. A particular focus is placed on discussing themes relevant to the industry in the city hosting the seminar. The seminars are free of charge and are designed to facilitate the professional-academic networking within ERES.


25th ERES Industry Seminar: Friday 23rd March 2018 - Begin 14:30

Claudio Giannotti (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Seminar Location:
LUMSA University, Via di Porta Castello, 44 - 00193 Rome

Seminar Theme:
"The Impact of Property Valuation on Banks’ De-Risking"


26th ERES Industry Seminar: Friday 26th October 2018 - Lausanne (Switzerland)